Baking a Difference Together

Bake for a Cure is a nationwide initiative started by CCF families to increase awareness of pediatric cardiomyopathy and raise much-needed funds for research. Join Team CCF and families across the country as we host Bake for a Cure events at community centers, schools, and neighborhoods throughout the year. Hosting a bake sale brings people together, creates special memories, and provides a creative outlet and fun activity for many. Together, we can bake a difference for children with cardiomyopathy.

Hosting a Bake for a Cure event doesn't have to be complicated.

CCF is here to help and make sure that your event is well supported and successful. We are ready to assist you in brainstorming, planning, and promoting your event. View event photo gallery

Getting Started: Planning is Fun and Easy

  • Find a visible, high-traffic location
  • Form a bake team to assist in planning, baking and promoting
  • Determine what baked goods and other food items to sell
  • Promote your bake sale within your community and beyond

Bake for a Cure Planning Guidebook

To get started, view CCF's Guidebook to Planning a Big Heart Bake Sale, which provides helpful guidelines and tips on planning a fabulous bake sale.

Download the materials and resources listed below to enhance your bake sale table and promote your event. Also, request a free bake sale starter kit. For easy recipes and creative decorating ideas, visit CCF's Pinterest page.

Bake Sale Starter Kit

Bake for a Cure posters
Red tablecloth
Cellophane bags for baked goods
CCF logo stickers in different sizes
Heart-shaped cookie cutter
Red Team CCF T-shirt

To download additional materials, click here.
To request a starter kit, click here.