Join CCF and families across the country as we host Bake for a Cure bake sales to increase awareness of cardiomyopathy and raise funds for research. Hosting a bake sale is a fun way to get the entire community involved in helping kids with cardiomyopathy. Together, we can bake a difference for kids with heart disease. View the press release.

Key Ingredients in Planning

  • Find a location. A high traffic area such as your local school, workplace, place of worship, or community center are great places to host a bake sale.
  • Form a bake team. Ask family, friends, co-workers, or classmates to assist in the planning, baking, and promotion of your fundraiser.
  • Spread the word. Download CCF’s Bake Sale poster and post them around town. Utilize social media, your local newspaper, and emails to get the word out about your bake sale.

Tips for Hosting a Bake Sale

  • Find community partners. Ask local bakeries to partner with you by donating ingredients or baked goodies. They can promote their business while helping in your efforts.
  • Sell homemade treats. Nobody can resist a homemade chocolate chip cookie or brownie so bake your family favorites. Add some creative choices like red velvet cupcakes or cake pops, heart shaped cookies, chocolate covered pretzels with red sprinkles, and party mix snack bags with red M&Ms. Visit CCF's Pinterest page for more great ideas.
  • Offer a variety of items. Don’t limit yourself to just baked goods. Consider selling red or pink beverages. In the summer months sell fruit pops, and on chilly days offer hot chocolate and coffee in heart decorated cups.
  • Maximize your fundraising revenue. Sell additional non-food items CCF curebands, t-shirts, valentines, or other homemade craft items to encourage multiple purchases. Add a “calorie free” jar to your table so customers who may not want a treat can still make a donation.
  • Stand out and build traffic. Wear CCF t-shirts and make your bake sale table stand out with red decorations and materials from CCF's bake sale kit, which includes balloons, stickers, posters and handouts.
  • Promote beyond your community. Create an online bake sale page on CrowdRise to publicize your event outside of your community and get additional event donations.
  • Reach out to the media. Contact your local TV and radio station, newspapers and magazines to tell them about your personal story and bake sale efforts. Explain why raising awareness and funds for pediatric cardiomyopathy is so important to you. Download CCF’s Reaching Out to the Media Guide for tips on getting media coverage.
  • Tell your bake sale story. Post your event photos on social media using the hashtag #CCFBakeADifference.

How CCF Can Help

  • Call or email CCF to register your event and we will send you a free bake sale kit.
  • Visit CCF’s Pinterest page for delicious recipes and fabulous decorative ideas to make your bake sale a sweet success.
  • CCF can help with ideas and support while you plan your bake sale. Contact Jennifer Hivry at 866-808-2873 x903 or email for assistance.